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Huifeng regards the products as the enterprise’s life. By using the most advanced technological equipment and reasonable process flow, Huifeng sets up very strict quality control system.

All of our process flow, relevant documents and records are established according to ISO9001: 2008 manage system. 

Huifeng also have the very advanced inspection instruments like particle image instrument, Malvern 2000, Beckman Coulter and ICP-OES to ensure the particle shape, size distribution and purity can meet customer's requirements. 

The permanent quality control guarantees the raw material supply, manufacturing process and finished products at very high standards. 

Based on customers’ needs, Huifeng establishes a different quality standard system and keeps tracks of every specific customer with file.

We established a file for every customer, under which there is a record in details showing the Lot No. of samples and goods that we have shipped to customer, by which we can quickly track the process of raw material, production and inspection.