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Our company is approved to found Academician Workstation
author:admin   hits:1014times   pubdate :2014-01-24 10:18

Recently, news came from Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, according to (2013) No. 192 document, Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department agreed to the establishment of the Academician Workstation in our Company, which is for researching sub-micron & nano diamond powder material technology.

In the document request our Company firmly seize the opportunity of the Academician Workstation's establishment, according to Enterprise's actual needs, making the actual effect as the basic of the project, continuely strengthen the cooperation between Enterprise and the Workstation, combine Production-Studying-Researching-Performing closely, make full use of the platform of Workstation, Strengthen the innovation, accelerate the personnel improving, provides strong technical and personnel support for the long-term development of the Company.