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Sales conference of the fourth quarter of 2017
author:admin   hits:278times   pubdate :2018-01-10 11:31

On January 9, 2018, our fourth quarter sales conference of 2017 was held in Zhengzhou headquarters.

After the meeting began, the Chief Financial Director reported the figures and the completion situation of the fourth quarter of 2017. Then the Director of Production and the Director of Quality made their summary, later are the members of the marketing department and the Director of Marketing Department summarized the department work.

Under the good deployment of the company leaders at the third quarter sales conference, and the active efforts and good cooperation of all the staff, the company successfully completed the fourth quarter sales task and successfully completed the sales task of 2017.

The last program is  the celebration: the company arranged all the participants to have dinner and watch the film "Fang Hua".

We wish a more prosperous 2018 of the Company.